Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player with Powerful External Speakers, Nostalgic Turntable for 33⅓/45 RPM Record with Adjustable Counter Weight,Wireless Connection



Product Description

Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase TurntableVintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Three-speed turntableThree-speed turntable

2 Speeds Bluetooth Record Player with Powerful External Speakers

Enjoy the Full and Deep Tone of Your Vintage Vinyl


With 20 years’ innovative and worldwide design team from North America and Europe, We remains competitive in the turntable industry as professional all over the world. In addition to creating state of the art audio technology, we pride ourselves in ensuring the customer experience. Our business model has enabled our premium quality products to be marketed at friendly prices for the customer.

Bluetooth Record Player

This vinyl record player supports wireless 5.0 version Bluetooth function, you can connect your smart phone and smart devices wirelessly when listening to digital music that you want.

Turntable Features:

2 Speeds Turntable for 33 ⅓,45 RPM Vinyl Records

Cartridge Style:Diamond Cartridge with Stylus

Turntable Drive Type: Belt Drive

Adjustable Counter Weight


External Speakers: 2 x 25W

Audio Output&Input: RCA Output Jack & Bluetooth Input

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Record Player

Record Player

Portable Wireless LP Turntable

Portable Wireless LP Turntable

High Quality Diamond Stylus & Tonearm

High quality durable diamond Stylus can protect your records from being scratched or avoid needle jump when turntable is working. High quality tonearm with adjustable counter weight function, you can adjust the needle pressure by your own.

Stable Belt-Drive System & Auto Stop Function

The stable belt-driven system reduces the vibration from the motor and ensures your turntable to have the best performance when working. The auto stop function can enable the platter to stop automatically to extend the working life of the needle.

RCA Output Jack

This turntable is equipped with RCA output jack, so you can connect with your own family high performance external amplifier and stereo speaker to show better audio sound performance and enjoy genuine vinyl sound.

Belt-Drive Turntable

Belt-Drive Turntable

Vintage Style Vinyl Record Player

Vintage Style Vinyl Record Player

Superior record player

Superior record player

2 Full Range Stereo Speakers

With 2 full range stereo speakers, spreading the warm and clear sound of your vinyl records, which help you rediscover the full tone of your vinyl records, bring you back to those good old memories.

Easy Operation

User-friendly design makes this turntable easy to operate , one button to realize power on/off and volume control. Red-Black audio cable is clearly marked and make it easy to connect to the speaker set and turntable. Function switch of phono mode and BT mode is at rear of the unit.

Elegant Design for Gift

The premium design give the turntable an elegant appearance. Bookshelf speakers not only creates good sound quality but also makes this turntable set a good decoration of your home, office,etc. This turntable is a great present for families and friends during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers /Fathers Day, Birthday.


➤Dual Turntable Speakers with Amplifier: Effortlessly connect the turntable player to the active powered loud speakers (2x25W) via the dedicated audio cable and enjoy the full range sound at ease
➤Wireless Bluetooth Turntable: Built-in Bluetooth receiver,which enables you wirelessly play your digital music from your smartphone,tablet and other Bluetooth enabled device
➤RCA Output Option: RCA audio output jacks allows you to connect this turntable to your own bigger external amplifier or other surround sound speaker
➤WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: Lifetime technology-support with 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, and extra 30 days quality warranty for freely returning and exchanging new replacement.


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