KISS – The Solo Albums 40th Anniversary Collection Exclusive Red Purple Blue And Green LP Vinyl Box Set



Celebrate the 40th anniversary of four solo albums by the founding members of KISS with this limited-edition box set! The glossy, foil-stamped slipcase contains four 180-gram LPs in colors that match their respective cover art (red for Gene Simmons, purple for Paul Stanley, blue for Ace Frehley, and green for Peter Criss)
It also features four 12-by-12-inch replicas of the posters that came with the albums upon their initial release, plus an exclusive turntable slipmat that shows all four of artist Eraldo Carugati’s iconic, painted album-cover face images. Only 2,500 copies available worldwide.
LP1 – Gene Simmons Red vinyl
LP2 – Paul Stanley Purple vinyl
LP3 – Ace Frehley Blue vinyl
LP4 – Peter Criss Green vinyl

Track Listing:
Gene Simmons

  • A1. Radioactive
  • A2. Burning Up With Fever
  • A3. See You Tonite
  • A4. Tunnel Of Love
  • A5. True Confessions
  • B1. Living In Sin
  • B2. Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide
  • B3. Man Of 1,000 Faces
  • B4. Mr. Make Believe
  • B5. See You In Your Dreams
  • B6. When You Wish Upon A Star
  • Paul Stanley

  • A1. Tonight You Belong To Me
  • A2. Move On
  • A3. Ain’t Quite Right
  • A4. Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me
  • A5. Take Me Away Together As One
  • B1. It’s Alright
  • B2. Hold Me, Touch Me Think Of Me When We’re Apart
  • B3. Love In Chains
  • B4. Goodbye
  • Ace Frehley

  • Rip It Out
  • Speedin’ Back To My Baby
  • Snow Blind
  • Ozone
  • What’s On Your Mind
  • New York Groove
  • I’m In Need Of Love
  • Wiped-Out
  • Fractured Mirror
  • Peter Criss

  • I’m Gonna Love You
  • You Matter To Me
  • Tossin And Turnin
  • Don’t You Let Me Down
  • That’s The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes
  • Easy Thing
  • Rock Me, Baby
  • Kiss The Girl Goodbye
  • Hooked On Rock ’N’ Roll
  • I Can’t Stop The Rain
  • Playing this record is recommended on a high quality player with anti-skate features. Other things you can try to help with skip


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