Record Player with Speakers Bluetooth Turntable with FM Stereo Radio Belt-Driven Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Vintage Portable LP Phonograph Player



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record player for Christmas Giftrecord player for Christmas Gift

Record Player with Speakers–It is a radio, record player, and has Bluetooth all in one. Great Gift for Christmas!

3 speed record player

3 speed record player

with dust cover

with dust cover

great living room decoration

great living room decoration

3-Speed Playing & Auto-stop Switch

3-speed (33,45,78RPM) turntable plays all of your 7″ 10″12″ vinyl records and favourite albums.
45RPM adapter on plate, use it to fixed large bore diameter vinyl records.
Auto-stop ON feature allows the record stop automatically when finished.

Vinyl & Bluetooth & FM Radio Player

Vinyl & Bluetooth & FM Radio 3-in-1 music player
Conbination with classic and modern design, great for entertainment and home decoration
Support tuning and volume knob for better use

Easy to Operation, Great for Beginners

Easy to setup and use. Great for beginners to get into classic LP times.
With a dust cover that you can put down the lid while playing record
Perfect for enjoying classic music while reading, drinking, dancing or other rest moments.

detail of record playerdetail of record player

Vintage Turntable–Would Be Perfect Gift for Your Lover, Brings Them Back!

great as giftsgreat as gifts

Bluetooth Input

Replacement Needle

Bluetooth Output

Built-in Speakers

FM Stereo Radio

RCA Out to Get External Sound

Vinyl to MP3 Recording & USB Playback

Tone Arm Auto-Return

Vinyl Player

Pitch Adjustment

CD/MP3/Cassette Player

√〖3-Speed turntable with Auto-stop Switch〗support 33/45/78 RPM playing speeds with 3-size of 7/10/12 inch vinyl records. When auto-stop turns on, it will stop automatically at the end of record.
√〖FM Stereo Radio with Clear Channel Screen〗provide a wealth of radio programs. It is the best choice of hearing what’s around you. Warm tips: there is a built-in FM wire antenna hanging at the rear cabinet, it should be totally unraveled and extended for best reception.
√〖Built-in Stereo Speakers〗 our turntable is equipped with spring to reduce shock absorption, so the sound quality is great to playing vinyl records. Great beginner turntable, just plug in and go. It also support audio RCA output, you can connect to it through audio RCA cable to get better sound.
√〖Great Gift of Choice〗Listening to old and new vinyl records which combines classic old times and modern style, perfect for bringing them back and enriching their life!


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